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CinemaSix Media Player

CinemaSix is a media player for the Roku HD1000. It's capable of playing MPEG2 Transport Streams, MPEG2 Program Streams (typical MPEG files, including unencrypted VOBs), and playing streamed content from VLC.


July 9, 2004

1.3 Beta is Up! This is the best release yet and provides DVD chapter navigation. There will be no more releases for at 2 more weeks.

July 6, 2004

1.1 Beta is Up! Should be a good bit better than 1.0-- See the CHANGELOG & README for details

June 27, 2004

1.0 Beta is Up! Tons and tons of changes; see the README file. Lip sync is still a huge problem, but this should be the best release yet.

May 25, 2004

Work calmed down a bit, I started working on the player again! Hope to have a new release soon.


** Download Latest Release(v1.3 Beta) **

Click here for 1.2 beta (Old Version)
Click here for 1.1 beta (Old Version)
Click here for 1.0 beta (Old Version)
Click here for older versions

Source Code

Here's the link to the source code.

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